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American Walnut Solid Panel

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American Walnut Solid Panel

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American Walnut Solid Panel

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American Walnut Panels

American walnut, also known as American black walnut naturally grows on the North American continent. Compared to European walnut, it has more homogeneous tones in terms of color variety. The unique grain structure and dark brown tone found in American walnut add richness to the structures. Contact us for dimensions and suppliers regarding American walnut finger joint and solid panels.

Arg Orman offers its products to its customers by using the best raw materials carefully selected in American walnut solid panel production. Pressed in special high-pressured machines, finger joint or full stave lamellas are sanded with 150 grit sandpaper. Solid panels packaged according to the order and they are shipped to domestic and overseas customers.


Did you know that the European Commission promotes the use of wood against global warming and climate change?

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